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Francis Ngannou becomes the heavyweight MMA champion!

May 3, 2021

Francis Ngannou becomes the heavyweight MMA champion!

NOCCO’s global athlete, Francis Ngannou proved unstopped Saturday night, winning the title of Heavyweight MMA Champion of the world. Powered by the low calorie, no carb, branched chain amino acid (BCAA) beverage, Ngannou was fueled and ready to take on his opponent.

His journey from homelessness to championship was not an easy one. Against all odds, Ngannou’s continued perseverance and unbreakable spirit made his win possible. “I feel humbled and honored to be partnered with a brand such as NOCCO that has demonstrated commitment to our growth and mutual success,” said Ngannou, who embodies NOCCO’s values of determination and grit, proving with this win that hard work truly pays off. “We love having such a strong and strategic partnership with NOCCO because our visions are aligned in every aspect when it comes to our belief that fitness is universal,” said Marquel Martin, Agent CAA.

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