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CrossFit® Semifinals

NOCCO Supports Athlete Ambassadors in the CrossFit® Semifinals

May 24, 2021

NOCCO Supports Athlete Ambassadors in the CrossFit® Semifinals

NOCCO is supporting this year’s 2021 CrossFit® Semifinal and is competing with nine athlete ambassador participants. NOCCO will be present to provide their athletes with fuel and stamina to conquer the competition.

“Embodying our brand values of determination and grit, our ambassadors have worked hard to earn a spot in the CrossFit® Semifinals and are consistently push them to the next level,” said Ben Jones, CEO of NOCCO USA. “We look forward to seeing their efforts pay off in the competition.”

Dedicated ambassadors, including Haley Adams, Dani Speegle, Joshua Al Chamaa, Chandler Smith, Griffin Roelle, Drew Wayman, Becca Voigt, Paige Powers, Bailey Meraviglia, Winter Rodriguez & Laura Gonzalez will be representing NOCCO at the CrossFit® Semifinals as they fight to win.

The CrossFit® Games season is sporting a brand-new look, the Semifinals will serve as the final hurdle for individual athletes and teams hoping to qualify for the 2021 NO BULL CrossFit® Games and will be held over the span of four consecutive weekend in May and June.  This competition is a grueling test of strength and work ethic, where top 5 in each Semifinal will get an invite to the 2021 NO BULL CrossFit® Games.


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