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Rebecca Voigt Miller

NOCCO proud to sponsor Rebecca Voigt Miller

July 19, 2019

NOCCO proud to sponsor Rebecca Voigt Miller

We are proud to present our latest member of the team: the functional fitness legend Rebecca Voigt Miller. Rebecca is a veteran of the world élite – she has competed in every CrossFit® Games since 2008, making her the most consistent athlete in CrossFit® Games’ history. Despite last year’s end-of-season injury, she still qualified for the Master Division in the 2019 Reebok CrossFit® Games, notching up her twelfth straight year in the competition. We had the chance to ask Rebecca a few questions about her career within functional fitness and the CrossFit® Games.

Becca, welcome to Team NOCCO! Can you tell us a little bit more about your sports background?
I started playing soccer when I was 4 years old and, as a kid, I tried all different sports and disciplines like dance and gymnastics. Finally, I settled on basketball and played through middle school, high school and college.

How did your career within functional fitness start and what got you hooked? What keeps you going year after year?
My friend was throwing a charity event and I found functional fitness through that. I took part and did the well-known workout ‘Fight Gone Bad’. The workout was uncomfortably hard but what was so impactful, what drew me in for the long haul, was the community that cheered me on for that very long 17 minutes! Their support was unwavering and felt very similar to my college basketball team. That support is something I experience on a daily basis and it keeps me going year after year.

You’re a true legend in the functional fitness community, and the only athlete to compete in the CrossFit® Games twelve years in a row. Have you seen any changes or evolution, both in the CrossFit® Games and in the sport in general?
I have seen many changes in the level of support, from smaller venues to the highest level of competition. Our sport continues to evolve so we are pushed to be better every single year.

During your eleven years in the CrossFit® Games, which moments have you enjoyed most, and why?
I’ve really enjoyed the events I don’t get to do very often like the Cyclocross event in 2018 and the Monkey Bar event in 2011!

In 2017 you competed as a master in the CrossFit Games® for the first time. How was it taking the step from competing as an individual to a master athlete?
Competing as a master is no different from competing as an individual – honestly, the competition is just as hard and humbling.

How do you prepare for this year’s CrossFit® Games? Do you have any special routine before entering a competition?
Preparation for the Games doesn’t differ a ton; I spend a little more time swimming outdoors and running but, other than that, you’re just trying to fine tune some things.

What are your expectations for your performance this year?
I expect to have fun, and to be standing on that podium at the end of the weekend!!

What is the first thing you do after completing a competition?
The first thing I do is eat copious amounts of chocolate cookies!

What’s your favorite NOCCO flavor and when do you prefer to drink it?
My favorite NOCCO flavor is Tropical. The best time to drink it is right after a hard workout – for me, it’s a reward I’ve earned!

When did you try NOCCO for the first time and how did you make contact with the product?
I first tried NOCCO when our sales rep, Niclas, dropped off some samples at the gym. Honestly, I was hooked after the first sip!

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